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anavar winstrol semi quantitative test
Product ID anavar_semi_quantitative_test
anavar winstrol semi quantitative test

Fast and reliable home steroids test, you can test your pills, raw powders or oils. For express domestic delivery in USA (1-2 business days) choose DHL express. FedEx or Canada Post Express in Canada. Overseas take longer.

Why LabMax ?

This is anavar and winstrol purity test also called semi quantitative test. It will give you information about the concentration. You will also know if your sample is dianabol or something else. It will save you money on expensive laboratory testing. Now you can do it at home. It does not give precise reading like you get from laboratory but you will know if your pill is under dosed and how much. It is very simple, you drop your sample (you grind your sample into powder first) into test tube, and different concentrations will produce different colors. You simply compare the color with color chart to determine the concentration.

At this moment the test is calibrated for 10 mg, 25 mg and 50 mg anavar pills and you can also test purity of anavar raw powder. It also calibrated for 10 mg and 25 mg winstrol pills. You need with this test 365 nm UV light. You have to choose UV light separately, it is not included automatically with each order. It comes with complete instruction, it does not require special skills and it is easy to use.

Please note if your pill contains vitamins, proteins the test will not work. It does not work on liquid form. If this is the case you can still use our anavar winstrol UV test to check for presence only. Make sure the pill contains only neutral fillers like corn starch.

You can also include handy 6 position vial rack; it is very useful tool to protect the vials from spilling test reagent.

Price: 25.00 USD
32.75 CAD 21.00 EUR 18.75 GBP
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