Human Growth Hormone Test

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Human Growth Hormone Test
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This is a very simple HGH test. The package contains everything you need including instruction and color codes. You do not have to buy any extra accessories. Except maybe the handy six position vial rack if you have more testing. It protects from spilling corrosive test reagent.

The test reagent is for testing HGH powder not the product mixed with water. Though water does not react with the test reagent but it still dissolves it and gives different reaction making it harder to interpret the test results. We will not be guessing what happened if you did not fallow the instructions and you did something different. It is do-yourself test, you have all explained in the instruction. We do not do color interpretations.

HGH mixed with sterile water for injection has to be used immediately because it deteriorates very fast. This is why you get separate powder and sterile water to mix before injection.

You simply drop a little of your sample (the white powder which you have in the vial) into the test ampoule with test reagent as explained in the instruction. Then you observe the color change. Proper color will indicate presence of HGH. It is simple pass and fail test. It will react with proper color if there is HGH present. It will not provide you with detailed analysis what else you might have if no HGH is detected. We cannot for example look at it if there is different reaction color and give you detailed analysis. The only answer we can provide that it is fail. For detailed analysis sample has to be sent to laboratory. This is not UV test and 365 nm, UV light is not required.

The test reagent is corrosive. Use gloves and glasses. There is only 0.1 ml in each vial; this is how much you see on pictures. The origin is synthetic; there is no health and no biological hazard. The test kits are safe to ship worldwide, customs will not stop it.

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