Refund Policy

Once we process refund you will get email confirmation from credit card processor (bank) and there is nothing else we can do. At this moment we do not have your money and we do not hold your money and there is nothing else we can do. The money was already taken from our account, we do not have it anymore. We do not know what the bank is doing after that. We do not know what happens after we processed refund. You have to wait until you see refund on your account. You do not see the money the next minute on your account credited. It might be a few days depending on your bank; there is nothing else we can do about it. It is your bank processing refund not LabMax. Calling us will not speed this up since it is beyond our control what happens if you are impatient call your bank instead.

Return Policy

You may return new, unopened items within 14 days of delivery date for a refund. Please note that we cannot refund shipping cost, the money are paid to the courier and we cannot recover them. The courier will not refund us shipping cost if you decide to return and in some cases we pay more for shipping that we actually charge our customers. We can only get refund from courier if the item is lost in transit. Just pack and return no questions asked.

You can cancel your order anytime if it was not shipped yet to get refund, including the money you paid for shipping. Please note that there are bank fees on each transaction, we might have to deduct small fee to cover the expenses. It does not matter if it is refund; the bank is not giving back fees.

If goods were damaged and you send proof, pictures we will send replacement. We had customers who would put the battery on reverse or installed discharged and say that the UV light does not work. So please do not make incredible stories. All UV lights are being tested before shipping.

We cannot ship batteries by airline to overseas customers. So do not press the switch until you put the battery in. We had customers telling that the switch was inside the battery. If you push hard the switch and the chamber is empty (no battery) it will cave in. So do not make ridicules claims. Unscrew the top and push it out.

Lost / not received

If order is lost, not received it will be reshipped. There is no refund on lost or not received order, we will send replacement. When you place order you agree with these conditions. If you change your mind you can still cancel for refund before the order is shipped if you do not agree. You also receive confirmation email after placing the order reminding you to agree with the conditions.

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