Trenbolone enanthate test. The best steroids test kit on the market

The initial color will be yellow changing to orange in both test vials. Later it will become dark brown. For positive identification you need to watch test vial B under UV light (365 nm) only then you will have positive identification. When you see the nice green color under UV light (fluorescence) then you will know that you have positively identified trenbolone enanthate. You might want to watch the fluorescence in dark room. Take a note that both vials A and B develop green fluorescence, for example nandrolone decanoate (deca) is also green in vial B under UV. Although deca is not so bright green, it is more mat green. The bright green fluorescence in both vials A and B is very characteristic for tren; you cannot miss it when testing.

On the left oil, on the right powder, initial colore just after dropping the samples.

oil under UV light in vial A and B

powder under UV light in vial A and B

oil under UV light

powder under UV light

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