Proviron test. The best steroids test kit on the market

It is very easy to test proviron, you test it like anything else using vials A and B. You take a little bit of the pill; you never drop the whole pill and grind your sample into powder. You use razor blade just to get tiny bit and this is all what you need. There is no initial color change but you will see blue fluorescence in vial B developing right away. In a few minutes you will see the color changing in B from faint yellow to red / pink. This is how proviron is reacting with test reagent. There no initial color change in vial A but it will change slowly from light brown -green to red - green and to red. If you get for example dianabol pill the initial color would be right away red, see instruction about testing dianabol. If your pill does contain fillers like proteins, vitamins you will have right away initial color change into red but you will still have the blue fluorescence. So before testing it is good idea to find out if only neutral filler was used or there is something else. Please note that pharmaceutical companies would never add vitamins, proteins etc to the medicine because it will interfere how the medicine works. This is why things like corn starch is used as filler. There is no intial color change after adding the tiny part of the pill but you can see that the color is slowing getting pink and later red in vial B and also in A later. It is simple UV test; no fluorescence means no hormone inside.

Very little initial color change in vial A, light brown – green and red pink in vial B developing within a minute. Both vials will get red and darker late.

blue - greenish fluorescence in vial B.

blue - greenish fluorescence in vial B right away.

blue - greenish fluorescence in vial B right away.

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