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Primobolan test

You drop a little of your sample, notice that there is only a little of test reagent you drop less, 1-3 drops from syringe is enough or a little bit of powder. The initial color for oil will be olive green in vial A and light yellow in vial B changing to orange in both vials slowly. There is no initial color change for powder. But it is not indication of primobolan presence yet. We need to do the UV test. Under UV the oil sample in vial B will be darker yellow golden, powder in vial B will be blue under UV light. Please note the fluorescence for oil will be gone with 24 hours while if it is boldenone the fluorescence should last long past 48 hours.

Just after dropping samples, vial A olive green and vial B yellow orange for oil and no initial color change for powder.

A little later dark red in both A and B vials, still no change for powder

Oil under UV light in B vial, look closer under the vial you might see a little of green. You can check vial A later it will also change fluorescence from initial blue to yellow.

Raw powder under UV light in B vial