Regular anavar / winstrol test with yellow test reagent. The best steroids test kit on hte market.

Each vial contains 0.1 ml of test reagent. This is how much you see on the picture and this is how much you get. There might be droplets all over the vial, shake all down. Putting more will not make the test to work better, on the contrary with the vial full of test reagent it will be impossible to test.

You drop 1 mg of your sample and the color has to be observed at 15 minutes, later the colors will fade out, get darker making it impossible to interpret. Grind your pill into powder. If it is 10 mg tablet then 1/8 is enough, about 1 mg. The test was calibrated to detect small amounts, adding more will affect test results. The timing and the amount of powder is important. The test is very reliable but it requires the sample to be properly dosed. For that reason testing larger pill 25 mg or 50 mg might be difficult without precise scale. If the sample is not properly dosed the results might be misinterpreted. The only advantage of the test is that it does not require UV light like rest of our tests. If you have UV light or want to buy one get the UV test which is better and it is not weight sensitive. Or get something even better anavar winstrol purity test.

If you have some darker pieces on the top of the test reagent or around, they would come from paint dye, part of the pill filler or some dirt. They might not dissolve in the test reagent but keep floating on the top or around like small, tiny pieces.

If the color of the reaction looks like anavar then you have anavar. Winstrol, dianabol does not appear like some dark small spots around. If it is winstrol or dianabal then you have darker color reaction, not some darker small tiny pieace floating on the top.

First picture taken at 0 min, on the right it is dianabol, red right away. While samples with anavar and winstrol have no change yet

Second picture taken at 15 min, anavar very little change.

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