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clenbuterol presence test
Product ID clenbuter_test
clenbuterol presence test Discounts Apply !

Fast and reliable home steroids test, you can test your pills, raw powders or oils. For express domestic delivery in USA (1-2 business days) choose DHL express. FedEx or Canada Post Express in Canada. Overseas take longer.

Why LabMax ?

This is only one single vial for testing clenbuterol. Please note that we have noticed that clenbuterol is being on occasion replaced by albuterol which works in similar way. We do not have test at this moment to detect albuterol. Simple color change after adding your sample into dark purple will indicate that your sample is clenbuterol.

No color change or different color will indicated that you sample does not contain clenbuterol. If you test clenbuterol just use a little of the pill. You just cut small piece of the pill, grind it and drop inside and watch color change.

See the picture of a test. The test reagent in the test vial is transparent yellow (left) and it will change in presence of clenbuterol into dark purple (right).

If you do not see the dark purple there is no need to send us pictures asking what it is, the only answer we can give you that this is not the expected color change, there is no clenbuterol. To find out what else you might have will require expensive laboratory testing which cost $250 USD. The test is not designed to test wide range of substances and give you answer what else you might have. It is only clenbuterol test, pass or fail.

Please note our test kits do not contain any restricted or dangerous chemicals. There is no health or biological hazard.

Price: 15.00 USD
19.65 CAD 12.60 EUR 11.25 GBP
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