LabMax was created as subsidiary of Life Science Laboratories to separate the steroids and drug test branch. The origin of steroids test kit comes from first interest from Canada Customs and then later it was repacked to make it widely available. We have not done anything new; the first testing methods were developed as soon as steroids were available in early 1960s. But it still required a lot of work to put all together and a lot of testing. A lot of feedback from customers allowed improving the product. Nevertheless HPLC, GC/MS came a little later to be used in detection and testing.
A lot of people have had wrong expectations about the presence test. The $5 or $15 dollar test vial shows you only presence. And it works exactly as explained. You cannot get detailed analysis for $5. If you want something more precise we have too but it cost more.
We have seen a lot of copycats, counterfeits of our test and even scams. Claims like new advanced technology are just part of the marketing or scam. There is nothing new. It sounds even more ridicules when a guy who sells on Amazon, eBay from his tiny apartment makes some unsupported claims or using LabMax name to sell some counterfeits. Unlike all the copycats we do have fully equipped labs to verify all test results.
The presence test is fully described on our web page (see the online instruction) and it works exactly as described. The purity test is more expensive but simpler to use. The purity test provides the same accuracy as you would get from laboratory testing. The purity test is not using any color coding, it works on different principle.
When you see people selling purity test based on color change more or less brown, it is scam. It cannot be done for oils. In this case the presence test could be used to look like it is purity test. The initial color change comes from reaction between test reagent and oil, not from the hormone or very little form the hormone. It sounds even more ridicules if you take into account that different oils will produce different initial colors. This is not how our purity test works. Unlike the fake tests from scammers our test can be verified by laboratory testing to give the same results. LabMax is the only reliable and most popular test.
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